In 2000 Alejandra Ferreiro and Josefina Lavalle came to London to take the Fundamentals course with Ann Hutchinson Guest, Jane Dulieu and Valerie Farrant. The following year they went on to take Stage 2 with Tina Curran in Dallas.

In 2002, as a part of their Stage 3 activities, the first LOD Fundamentals course was organized for them in Mexico City, thanks to the support of the National Institute of Beax Arts and Literature (INBAL), the National Centre of Arts (Cenart) and the National Centre of Research, Documentation and Information of Dance José Limón (Cenidi-Danza).

Five Certification courses were given in Mexico from 2002 to 2006 and, as a result, 10 participants became LOD Specialists. Alejandra and Josefina apprenticed on these courses. The Specialists have used LOD in different contexts, mainly in professional dance and drama schools at INBAL and BUAP (Autonomous University of Puebla). In fact, three of the professional schools of dance at INBAL have LOD as a part of their curricula.

In 2012 a new generation of teachers began learning LOD, supported again by INBAL, through The National School of Dance Nellie y Gloria Campobello. From 2012 to 2015 Alejandra Ferreiro, Karime Ruiz as apprentices and Valerie Farrant as observer and examiner, have given three courses. In 2015 Alejandra achieved the qualification of Language of Dance Certification Specialist, thanks to the support and teaching of Valerie Farrant.

In 2016, as a result of Alejandra’s dedication to training in LOD and wealth of experience, the Language of Dance Trust granted permission for her to set up a Language of Dance Centre in Mexico.

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