A child and an adult in a dance studio. The adult is on the floor in a seated pose, with an arm extended to the side. The child is balancing on one leg, leaning on to the adult's extended arm. Both are smiling.


As a result of a fantastic collaboration between the Language of Dance® Trust and Sport England, we are now offering inclusive and relaxed weekly sessions for women and their children. 

The sessions take place each Thursday from 3:30pm to 5pm at Hague Primary school, Tower Hamlets.

Sessions allow participants to work at their own pace, regardless of their age or fitness level. Exercises are adapted to suit all, focusing on building stamina, flexibility and muscle toning, all while increasing participants’ confidence and wellbeing. 

Adults and children will explore and understand movement ideas collectively and discover a world of endless possibilities whilst empowering their creativity.  

Once participants complete registration, they receive a Language of Dance® T-shirt to feel comfortable while exercising, a water bottle and a healthy snack before each class. 

Spaces are limited, so visit Hague Primary School Office or email info@lodc.org to book your space now!

The National Lottery and Sport England

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